Systems Intelligence Lab

Systems Intelligence Laboratory

Systems Intelligence Laboratory seeks to develop data-driven approaches to analyzing, monitoring, and controlling complex engineering systems, with an attempt to optimize designs, managements, and operations of various target systems.


Systems Intelligence Laboratory seeks to realize systems intelligence that allows automated systems analysis and decision makings to improve system performances and reliability. The core elements for realizing systems include (1) sensing system, (2) data analytics, and (3) decision-making. We conduct research on each of these as well as try integrate them systemically to link raw sensor data to the optimum decision regarding the target system, thus closing a feedback loop.



Systems Intelligence Laboratory tries to solve various systems problem employing data-driven modeling and control approaches. As systems become larger and more complicated, it is becoming harder to derive analytical models describing the behaviors of the target systems. For such case, data-driven approaches can be a good alternative to solve challenging problems. The main target systems include energy systems (i.e., wind turbine, wind farm, nuclear, etc.), manufacturing systems, and urban infrastructure systems (traffic network, smart grid, etc.).